8 Channels Battery Analyzer
  • The testing software (TC5.3) is included to set various working modes for measuring capacity and life cycle of all types of rechargeable batteries
  • Working modes Include constant current discharge, constant current charge, constant voltage charge, rest, etc
  • Limited threshold conditions include voltage, current, time, capacility, negative voltage slope, etc
  • With real-time monitoring interface and integrated graph/data windows, the testing process can be observed more directly and efficiently
  • During the test, the software will provide instructions and warnings for assistance
  • The calibration software can be used to calibrate the analyzer
  • MS Excel 2013 is pre-installed for you to output the Excel data file.
  • Different types of curves can be created by software base on user definition. (Voltage-time curve, current-time curve, capacity-voltage curve, loops times-charge/discharge capacity curve, loops times-charge/ discharge efficiency curve, etc)
Forms of data are created by software. User can easily compare the performance of the batteries tested in channels both visually and statistically






0.002mA - 1mA

0.1mA - 10mA

6.0mA – 3000mA


0 - 5V programmable

Time interval:

1 - 900s


8 channels


16 Channels Battery Analyzer

BST8-16-IR is a 16-channel battery analyzer used for testing all kinds of battery including Li-ion battery, NiMH, NiCd, battery pack, and etc. Each channel is an independent constant-current (0.1 ~ 2A) and constant-voltage (0 ~ 10V) source which can be programmed and controlled by testing software. Brand new laptop with MS Window 8 and latest version of testing software are installed and calibrated for immediate use (Upto 8 sets of analyzers can be controlled simultaneously by one PC).
Four-electrode testing method ensures the best measurement accuracy. Resume function after recovery from power failure to ensure data safety.
Current Range Per Channel: 0.1-2A
Voltage Range Per Channel: 0-10V
Max. Cycles: 2000 
Max. Testing Steps Per Channel: 25