High Power Expanded

A compact, inexpensive tabletop plasma instrument with a redesigned hinged door and viewing window, active fan cooling and improved metering valve, suitable for nanoscale surface cleaning and activation of small samples

Our Expanded Plasma Cleaner is a larger tabletop plasma instrument with four times the capacity of the Basic Plasma Cleaner, extensively used for nanoscale surface cleaning and surface activation

With twice the cleaning rate as the Expanded Plasma Cleaner, the High Power Expanded Plasma Cleaner is a versatile instrument, suitable for etching organic thin films (10-100 nm) as well as surface activation and modification.

3” Dia. x 6.5” L Chamber

18 W  Maximum RF Power

13 Lbs., 9” H x 10” W x 8” D

6” Dia. x 6.5” L Chamber

30 W  Maximum RF Power

37 Lbs., 11” H x 18” W x 9” D

6” Dia. x 6.5” L Chamber

45 W Maximum RF Power

37 Lbs., 11” H x 18” W x 9” D



Quartz Chambers

Recommended for use with reactive and fluorinated gas (e.g. CF4) and for applications sensitive to trace impurities in Pyrex

Sample Trays

Facilitates loading and unloading of small samples for batch processing

Oil Based Vacuum Pumps

Use hydrocarbon pump oil

•  Compatible with air and inert gases (Ar, N2), but NOT with O2 gas

Oxygen Service Pumps

Required to avoid hazardous combination of O2 with hydrocarbon oil in oil-based pumps

•  Compatible with O2, air, and inert gases (Ar, N2)

•  Fomblin-based pump (PDC-OPF/OPF-2) uses Fomblin fluid instead of hydrocarbon oil

•  Dry oxygen service pumps (PDC-OPD/OPD-2, PDC-OPE/OPE-2) use no oil or fluid

° No risk of oil contamination into chamber

° Beneficial even if not using O2 but require a clean system for plasma processing


All vacuum pumps include necessary accessories (vacuum hose, pump inlet adapter, clamps and seals) to connect plasma cleaner to pump inlet


Recommended for more precise, quantitative control of gas flowrate and monitoring of vacuum pressure

•  Two gas inputs into flowmeters for gas mixing or independent control of two gases

•  Vacuum gauge and digital meter to monitor vacuum pressure

•  Beneficial for adding a second gas source without needing to manually swap gas lines